The "P'tits chats" (Lil' Pussy Cats in English), that's us: Sébastien and Dieter, a couple since 2008. We love to travel, to write, to read, to take pictures, to cook, to go to exhibitions or to the movies, to spend nice evenings with our friends, and many things more. Discover more details about us below.

Name: Dieter

Born in: 1972

Nationality: Austrian

Working as: graphic designer

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Distinctive mark: nose piercing

Favourite saying: Never mind.

Name: Sébastien

Born in: 1977

Nationality: French

Working as: executive assistant

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Distinctive mark: often wearing a bow tie

Favourite saying: Holy moly!

…this website

www.les-ptits-chats-en-goguette.com is our personal website dedicated to our travels and our way of travelling. We plan to treat it rather like a personal travel blog, and we hope you're going to like it. In order to spare you any deception, we'd like to tell you what our website is certainly not. Maybe you should look elsewhere if you need…

  • …a travel guide,
  • …a tourist encyclopedia,
  • …a commercial travel website,
  • …an ad display.

Whatever information you'll find throughout these pages comes from notes we've taken during our travels or… from our memories. If you find any erroneous facts, please don't hesitate to let us know either by writing a comment on the page in question or by sending us an email. Any personal opinion on our website is entirely ours; nobody has influences us, nobody has paid us to say one thing or another. Sometimes you'll find links to other websites in our posts, but we only add them when we think they might be useful for you or when we are particularly fond of a special place we'd like to share with you. Yet all these links are added in total independence and subjectivity.


All the photos, unless mentionned otherwise, © Les P'tits chats. All rights reserved. If you're interested in one of our photos or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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… travelling

Find out the main keywords that define our way of travelling. And enjoy the fine photos we've found on © Adobe Stock and that illustrate our thoughts so beautifully. As our website progresses, we shall tell you more about our "travel philosophy" in our Lil' Stories section.




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