Ever since we've discovered Instagram we're huge fans. Whenever the weather is grey outside or whenever morals are low, we connect, and bam!, we stumble upon beautiful photos, dream destinations, people who have something to say with their pictures, without writing long texts.

But everybody doesn't have an Instagram-account. That's why we'd like to invite you to discover the latest adds of our Instagram-feed on this page of little "miaow-miaows". It's nothing more than snapshots that we share according to our mood in order to cheer up our adventures with some shots. Don't be afraid, we're not so full of ourselves that we'd risk boring you to death with countless selfies.

Oh, and if you decide to join Instagram, do visit our profile and join our little family of followers—you'll always be welcome, it goes without saying. The more we are, the more we're going to have :-)

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